Better Dive Pro has evolved!

What started out as a scuba, dive safety and instructor development business in the Pacific Northwest no longer exists in that form, but it's not as sad as that might sound...

It was a dream come true when Dave moved to Florida to work as the Sr. Dive Safety Officer at a large Aquarium (800K+ visitors and 5000+ staff and guest dives per year) where he had some downright amazing experiences, but ultimately it turned out not to be a good fit for him so he's currently studying data science, refreshing his computer engineering skills, and continuing to search for the right professional dive industry opportunity.

Passionate about ocean health and excited about the state of the technology of artificial intelligence, Dave is currently starting a company with his wife Erica, focusing on reducing litter through some innovative technology solutions.

Research Diver
Coral Spawning Research in the Coral Restoration Foundation Nursery in the Florida Keys, hanging coral fragments on 'trees' where they will grow before being transplanted back onto the reef
Emergency Medic
Florida-licensed EMT for a medical procedure involving an innovative shark capture bag for a 9 foot, 700 lb sand tiger shark, which kept the shark calm and the team safe
Disaster Recovery Diver
Back to the Florida Keys to conduct post-hurricane Irma triage and partner with NOAA to prioritize recovery efforts
Media Diver
Officially a 'safety diver', Dave got to play a 'Referee' for the NFL Thursday Night Football shoot in the main shark exhibit when the unpopular New England Patriots came to town to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dave is keeping this domain but its purpose will be analytics and web projects, not advertising scuba classes.

If you're looking to re-connect and especially to dive with Dave, please reach out to him at

While Dave will always consider Northwest diving 'home', it's been super cool to be able to dive the freshwater springs, snorkel with manatees, drift dive with loggerhead sea turtles, and hunt for lionfish while in Florida.